How "Non Response" Invalidations Are Handled

Criteria for Approval

We will always approve your non response invalidation if your request meets the following 3 criteria:

  • More than 14 days since the lead was received.
    Non-response invalidations are not approved if lead is less than 14 days old to allow prospect time to respond
  • Less than 30 days since lead was received. 
    After 30 days, invalidations are disabled.
  • Six attempts have been made.
    6 total follow ups have been made to prospect, of which 3 are either phone calls or texts

Applying Non Response Credits To Your Bill

Non response credits are applied to your bill when your lifetime lead volume is such that your request is 5% or less of your lifetime market lead volume. 

Example: 60 lifetime Geek leads and you make 5 requests for a 'non response' invalidation. All 5 requests would be approved if follow up criteria had been met. However since 5% of 60 leads is 3 leads, only 3 of the non response credits would be applied to your bill. Your next remaining non response credit would be applied after 20 more valid leads came in for that market (since 5% of 20 leads = 1 lead). This process would repeat as needed.

Why Are Credits Dripped Out Like This?

5% is the average invalidation rate for non response leads across the country for our leads. We think using that as a benchmark for applying credits is fair. We'll explain why next.

If we approve and apply credits immediately, we have found that this rewards companies that have poor follow up processes at our expense (IE, we send 10 leads, they don't follow up well, the client asks for 5 non response invalidations (that is a 50% non response invalidation rate which is 10X the average and yes, that has happened to us). So if we do not drip credits out, this company with poor follow up has no incentive at all to improve their side of follow up since we are paying for the leads; we however bear all the costs. Doesn't seem right.

On the other hand, some markets can be harder to contact than others, some folks truly are doing all they can, so we don't feel good about restricting invalidations for non response either; arbitrary limits don't seem fair either in other words.

By limiting credits to 5% of lead volume, companies are incentivized to improve follow up on leads since having a lot of lead credits is not ideal for them. On the other hand, they also have the assurance that we won't argue with them about non response invalidations, how hard you followed up, etc. We prefer the honor system, where you do your best, tell us the truth, we believe you. And if someone is a long term client who has lead credits for non response leads that have not been applied, they have the peace of mind knowing that those credits will be applied when that 5% threshold is reached (this application of credits will happen automatically).

Important note: credits for any leads have no cash value; if you cancel your services, any accumulated credits will be canceled at the same time.

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