How to Get More or Less Leads from Geek

Getting More Leads

The most reliable tool we at Geek have to impact your volume of leads quickly & easily is to increase what you are bidding in the advertising auctions. Whatever increase you choose will go directly to your advertising costs (IE. we make more money here simply by selling you more leads, not from an increase in what we're making per lead from you).

Geek offers a choice of four lead price tiers in each market: $110, $130, $150 & $175 per lead. Due to the impact of venture capital and artificial intelligence, only 20% of the leads in many markets can be found at $110. About 50% of the leads can be found at $130, and the majority of available leads can be found for $150 and higher. Put in simpler terms, the higher the price we can pay to the ad network, the more leads we can generate.

You can choose which of the tiers is right for you. For example, here is how it might play out in a sample market:

  • $110 price per lead > 5-10 leads per month
  • $130 price per lead > 8-15 leads per month
  • $150 price per lead > 18-23 leads per month

Note that the above numbers are generally true, but can vary for a number of reasons, including specific competition in your area, size of your service area and luck of the draw with how the artificial intelligence on the ad networks reacts to the bid change.

To set a new lead price, go into the Geek Dashboard, select the "Get More/Less Leads" option from the menu, selecting "More" from the dropdown and picking the price which you would like.

Moving to a higher price tier doesn't lock you into anything. You may decide to test higher priced leads now and discover that you can’t make the economics of higher priced leads work in your business model. Or we may find out after running a test that higher prices don’t yield that many more leads in your market. You may also find that you just have all the leads you need to achieve your company goals at a lower price lead tier. You can adjust your lead price back down at any time in the Geek Dashboard.

Also note that due to how AI works, we may need 3-7 days lead time to adjust price tiers up or down. AI is very finicky and we can’t just change things on a dime anymore unfortunately.

Getting Less Leads

If you would like less leads, we are able at Geek to aim for a certain spend each month you might give us.

Please be aware that generating leads doesn't involve just popping down to the lead store and only grabbing you 3 leads instead of 6. Restricting your budget can have non-linear effects on your results, meaning that because of how AI works and the tools at our disposal for limiting volume, capping your spend may reduce in a dramatic reduction of leads (below your cap) in some cases.

We understand that even given that, for business reasons you'll still need to cap spend on leads. We are sympathetic, but just want you to be aware of the risks involved in doing so.

To set a desired cap for lead spend, go into the Geek Dashboard and select the "Get More/Less Leads" option from the menu, selecting "Less" from the dropdown and entering the desired number of leads you'd like to receive each month.

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