Types of Leads (Quote vs. Rental Analysis)

Most owners want a quote or rental analysis. Most companies are used to dealing with people wanting a quote, but many aren't used to offering a rental analysis, or if they do they don't treat the leads any differently. Here are some notes to keep in mind about each type of lead:


  • Just because they ask for a quote doesn't mean they also don't care about other information. Be ready for the 'what do you charge?' question and have a script you use (that doesn't sound like its a script of course) that allows you to ask more questions and not just say "we charge 8%".  Owners typically ask about pricing because they don't know what else to ask about.  Give them other things to consider so they just don't price shop you!
  • These people may be further down the buying funnel, but you may have a stronger level of competition. This is why it's important as mentioned above to differentiate yourself outside of just your pricing and make the conversation about value brought rather than comparing for the lowest price.

Rental Analysis

  • These leads are typically earlier on in their decision making process. This however means that you have the opportunity of building trust with them earlier on before there are other companies in the mix.
  • These people tend to be new to hiring a property manager, since DIY landlords or those that have hired a property manager before will already know how much the property will rent for.
  • A rental analysis is typically a great segue into talking about price, since your pricing may be variable based on how much their house might rent for.
  • Rental analysis are great for relationship building since you need to ask more questions and do research, get back to them, etc. All this is easily understood by the prospect.
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