What is the Geek Dashboard?

The Geek Dashboard is the best place for us to communicate back and forth about leads that we generate for you, as well as keep track of which leads are billed each week. In the Geek Dashboard, you can do the following:

  • SEE FULL LEAD LIST. Access a list of all the leads we've generated for you, as well as all their contact details.
  • SEE FULL INVOICE LIST. See a list of invoices detailing which leads you were billed for each week (For more information on this, go here).
  • INVALIDATE LEADS. Invalidate leads that you don't think you should be billed for (For more information on this, go here).
  • TRACK INVALIDATION STATUSES. Keep track of the status of your invalidations for leads and when they have been credited back to you.

Please note that we only accept invalidations through the Geek Dashboard! 
Please don't attempt to invalidate leads through email; we generate a LOT of leads and we don't want your requests getting lost (if they get lost you risk being billed for leads you shouldn't be.  Email invalidation requests tend to get lost, which is why we built the dashboard originally).

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