[MIR Course] Day 2 - Trust


Making Lead Generation Easier by Building Trust

What you’ll learn in today’s video:

Which review platforms are worth your time and which ones aren’t.
How to take full advantage of all the trust you’ve built as a company.
Why it’s worth it to pay the BBB fee (even if it is a bit of a hustle).

Action steps
Make a list of all your “trust assets”. Make a list of your ratings on all the various review sites, any awards you’ve received, any certifications the customer may care about, etc.
If you had to add 10 positive reviews a month to your Google Reviews, how would you go about it? (We know companies that have paid employees $100 per review they got from customers and turns out, that worked pretty well!)
Think about how you can build asking for reviews into your internal processes. Maybe each time a maintenance request gets handled, you ask the customer for a review if they haven’t given you one already. The best time to ask is when the customer is most satisfied with your services.