[MIR Course] Day 3 - Offers


Making Prospects An “Offer They Can’t Refuse”

What you’ll learn in today’s video:

A quick and easy strategy for understanding the current environment of offers you’re competing against.
How to take existing offers you have and make them click more with your prospective customers.
How to use risk reversal to put your visitor’s minds at ease, making them more likely to become customers.

Action steps
Type in “Property Management [your city name here]” start clicking around to the various ads and websites you see on page 1. Do this both for Google and Bing. Start a list of all the offers that your competition are using.
Make a list of the offers you make to prospects to get them to take action.
Review the offers you have. They need to focus on WIIFM “what’s in it for me?”, meaning what benefits will the prospect get if they accept this offer. Rewrite your offers so the benefit to the prospect is clear.
What are 5 things that make your potential customers fearful or nervous? Write a guarantee or offer for each of those that would take away some of the risk they feel. Example: Prospect is nervous about signing a contract and not being able to get out of it. Risk reversal offer: “We offer a no questions asked ___day money back guarantee”
Once you have a winning set of offers, find places in your marketing for them: website, ads, email signature lines, signage, etc.