[MIR Course] Day 4 - Marketing Funnels


Your Marketing is Leaking Profits (Here’s What to Do…)

What you’ll learn in today’s video:

What a marketing funnel is and how you probably have more than one.
Why your marketing funnel has lots of leaks and what to do to start finding them.
An idea stolen from Japanese manufacturing that’s the key to improving your marketing funnel.

Action steps
Create a list of all possible marketing funnels you might have… Adwords, Facebook, SEO, etc.
For each marketing funnel, map out each step in that process. This could be a click, it could be a phone call, a proposal, etc.
Pick your biggest, most important funnel and try to find real numbers for each step. You want to get a good picture of what’s actually going on here.
Take a look at your funnel and identify areas where there are the biggest drop-offs. What can you do to plug those leaks? For example, if you saw you got lots of calls but not many people wanting to move forward, you might want to record some phone calls of your sales people and see how you can help them improve.
If you can’t find good numbers, create a system that will allow you to get them… if you don’t know where you’re leaking, you can’t fix it!