[MIR Course] Day 5 - Search


Where to Find Prospects Who Are Most Likely to Buy

What you’ll learn in today’s video:

The hidden costs of so called “free” traffic like SEO & a rule of thumb for how much you should be paying.
Pros and cons of various search channel traffic types like Adwords & SEO.

Action steps
If you are currently running in Adwords, take stock of how well it’s performing for you with REAL DATA. Make sure that you’re only counting real leads as leads (some count anyone who submits a form, which can include renters, vendors and current customers, giving you bad numbers). Based on the numbers, consider what next steps might be for you.
Same goes for SEO, if you’re currently paying someone. How much have you paid someone and how much have you gotten back in return for it? If you’ve paid for 6 months of SEO at $1000 /mo, but only have gotten 1 additional lead, that’s a bad ROI for a “free” traffic source.
If you are running in either of these, but can’t get access to good numbers for either, fix that ASAP!