Lead invalidation (IE Lead Credits/Refunds)

What leads are eligible for invalidation?

Quick Guide

  • Any lead can be invalidated for up to 30 days, beginning on Day 1, for any of the reasons noted in the following documentation (one exception: see the next entry)
  • There is one exception to the previous statement:  "Ghost"/no response leads.  To invalidate a no response lead you must wait at least 14 days (to give the prospect time to respond) and meet the other criteria noted in the following documentation.

“Services Not Offered” Invalidations

If someone is requesting a service you don’t offer, the lead is invalid. 

Examples of ‘services not offered’ invalidations might be someone who wants to rent one bedroom out, or someone who wants to rent their home out by the week, or possibly someone who wants help only screening tenants but no other services.

“Out of Area” Invalidations

This type invalidation refers to leads we send you that own property outside of the service area you sent us in your onboarding. Invalidations of this kind inside the service area you originally gave us will be disapproved, so be sure to update us if your service area changes. 

These leads need to be invalidated within 1 business day of when you make first contact. Why? Because we can refer the lead to another company who does service that area, but only if the lead is sent to them in a timely manner. 

In order for "out of area" invalidation requests to be approved, the address or city needs to be included in the invalidation request so we can refer the lead to another client that services that area. If you don't provide the city/address we can't refer and the lead is worthless to us to refer. 

Important note: You may have other companies that you might ordinarily refer leads to when they are outside your service area. With Geek leads, you may not refer the leads to another company. Why? We refer the leads ourselves to keep lead costs down for everyone. We have paid to generate the lead and we need to find a way to get some return on that money spent.  If you refer the lead, we will bill you, so you don't want to do that!

Renter or Vendor Invalidations

If a lead is looking to rent out a house that you manage or is trying to get on your vendor this, these leads are invalid. We try to screen most of these leads, but some people are persistent and still get through. When you encounter these leads, invalidate them and they will be approved.

Duplicate lead Invalidations

Sometimes a prospect contacts you more than once. We only expect you to pay the first time, the rest of the times they contact you are invalid/non billable.

“All Contact Information is Bad” Invalidations

A lead is invalid when ALL contact information provided is “bad”, meaning the email bounces AND the phone number is non-functional/wrong number. 

You must try BOTH the email and phone and both must be non functioning before an invalidation will be approved. 

Why must both be tried? Sometimes a number or email won’t work because of a simple error in typing by the prospect. Other times, they intentionally put in an incorrect number or email to force you to either call or email them (some people are concerned with spam calls or spam email; others are just not ready to speak with a person on the phone).

"Ghost" (no response) leads

Sometimes you may get a lead that doesn't respond after you try to contact them. The lead appears to be valid, but you just can't get in touch. How do we deal with this at Geek? We will approve up to 5% of your total valid leads  as long as you can demonstrate that you attempted to follow up in some way at least 6 times in the first 14 days. If you do follow up at least 6 times (at least 3 of those follow ups must be by phone or text, not email) then after 14 days we will approve invalidations for non response up to the limits noted. There are more details on ghost leads invalidations here.

Leads That Are Valid and Cannot Be Invalidated

We don’t approve invalidations for the following types of leads

  • Duplicate leads from both Geek and APM
    The choice to run campaigns with both Geek and APM is your choice. This duplication happens very very rarely in our experience, and if it does, its part of the risk you take in working with two lead generation services.
  • Leads Invalidated More Than 30 Days After Being Generated
    Leads must be invalidated within 30 days of being received in order to qualify for a refund. Be sure to stay on top of invalidations to make sure all invalidations get approved.
  • Leads Where the Property is Listed for Sale
    It is not unusual for someone who is having a difficult time selling their home to explore rental options.
  • Leads Where the Customer Changes Their Mind
    Prospects will call to try to determine if they should rent or sell. Sometimes they decide to rent, sometimes they decide to sell. Part of the sales process is demonstrating to them the benefits of renting vs selling. This type of lead is valid.
  • Leads Who Do Not Yet Own the Property
    Many times investors are considering various properties in an area and as part of their due diligence are looking for good property management companies to help when they do buy. Even though they do not own a property yet, these are good prospects with strong lifetime value if they can be closed.

A lead that was invalidated doesn't that doesn't meet our criteria will be marked as " disapproved". A disapproval isn't necessarily a final decision. When a lead is disapproved, you'll be sent an email explaining why the lead was disapproved and you'll have the ability to go back and forth with us and clarify things if need be.  That email may request more information and once provided, we'll review the invalidation again (and potentially approve it if the new information sheds new light on things).

What About Situations That Aren't Mentioned Here?

We have generated over 90,000+ property management leads and have seen most types of invalidation requests in that time. However if you find a situation that you think we should consider for invalidation that is not listed, you can submit it for our consideration. Our goal is to a have a simple system that is fair to both sides. If you think we should consider something, we will listen.

How to Invalidate a Lead

Find the Lead

From your list of leads (or via the search functionality) find the lead you wish to invalidate and click on it. There is also a link in the lead itself typically that you can click on that will take you to that lead in the dashboard.

Click the Invalidate Button

Fill Out the Invalidation Information

When you click “invalidate”, a box will pop up prompting you for more information about your invalidation. Select the reason for invalidation and enter any additional details in the text box. Finally, click “request invalidation” to send the request along to us.

How to tell which leads you've received a refund for

When you invalidate a lead, it gets sent to us for review. If we approve the invalidation, here's what happens next:

  1. If it's the same billing week (billing week = Saturday to Friday) the lead was generated (Ex. lead came in Monday, you invalidated Thursday), you won't be billed for that lead.  No credits are given because you were never billed in the first place.
  2. If you're invalidating the lead after it's been billed (Ex. lead came in Thursday, you invalidated the following Wednesday, after you were billed on Saturday), the lead would be credited towards your next bill.

You can easily see the status of a lead in the dashboard next to a lead:

You can also see if you were credited at all in a particular week by viewing your invoices:

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