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"What I appreciate about Geek most, more than their savvy, is that they hold themselves to one, and only one standard: results."
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How Do You Add More Doors?

Here’s a quote property management company owner I spoke with recently:

“I’m worried. As the real estate market improves, more owners are selling. Sure, we’re adding doors, but we’re losing more doors than we’re adding. This pattern can’t continue.”

Ultimately cash is like oxygen to your business... you’ve GOT to have cash to stay alive. Cash in the property management business comes primarily from doors. Most doors come from quality leads. So where do you get quality property management leads?

There are 5 main options most property management companies look to when seeking to add more doors:

1. You Can Hustle and Skip Online Marketing

If you have under 100 doors under management, you may be in this hustle category. You might have more determination and time than money to work with. Nothing wrong with that.
  • Example activities: Networking, speaking to realtor groups, referrals. Things that take more time than money.
  • Example vendor: DoorGrow.
  • Advantages: Lower cost money wise (bigger cost timewise).
  • Disadvantages: Takes a lot of time. Doesn’t scale well typically.

2. You Can Do Online Marketing Yourself (or Have an Employee Do It)

If you like control, or you are a do-it-yourselfer type, you may try being your own marketing director, running your own Google campaigns, working on your own website, or try to train an employee to do your online marketing in-house.
  • Example activities: Teach yourself or have employee do online marketing: Adwords, SEO, social media.
  • Example vendor: You’ll need to pay a coach or buy training materials so you can keep up with the world of online marketing.
  • Advantages: You get a thorough baptism by fire in marketing, so you learn a lot.
  • Disadvantages: If you do it yourself, do you want to become an Adwords/SEO expert or would you rather run a property management business? If you hire someone in house to do your marketing, you take great risk: what if they don’t product results?

3. You Can Hire a Service Provider

  • Example activities: Build you a website, create Youtube videos for you, manage your Google Adwords account.
  • Example vendor: Fourandhalf or digital agency.
  • Advantages: They do the work, so you can focus on running a property management company.
  • Disadvantages: They do not guarantee you leads or results. If they run your Adwords, you pay them and they also spend your money.

4. You Can Pay-Per-Lead

  • Example activities: No marketing really required.  Give them your credit card and wait for leads.
  • Example vendor: All Property Management (APM).
  • Advantages: You only pay if you get a lead. Clear ROI is easy to calculate.
  • Disadvantages: With APM the same exact lead is sold more than once to several competitors, so you are competing with other companies in a footrace to the prospect. Auction pricing bids up lead prices over time. All the risk is on you for lead quality; if the leads don’t close, you are stuck.

5. Get Geek Exclusive Leads

Here are just a few benefits of Geek Leads:
  • Exclusive Leads: Only you receive each lead (leads sold just ONCE).
  • Pay- Per-Lead: Only pay for quality leads, no paying for monthly services or adspend.
  • Control Your Lead Flow: You can stop, decrease or increase your flow of leads (adjustments can take some time).
However, Geek is not a great fit for everyone, as there are some downsides:
  • Limited Availability: Geek only takes 1-2 clients per market, so you may not be able to use our services if your area is not open.
  • Works Best for Established Companies: Typically not a great match for very small companies (under 100 doors) or companies with very poor review profiles.

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