Key Things an Owner Needs to Know About the Geek System


Once you start with Geek, you will start getting leads sent to you. 

How Leads Will Be Sent to You

If a phone call comes in, it will go through our messaging system and be sent to you via email within minutes of receipt.

Leads that fill out a form on our marketing website will be sent along to you via email, Leadsimple or both, depending on your setup at the same time we receive it (in seconds).

Types of Leads

Almost all leads sent to you will fall into two categories: ones that want a free quote or ones that want a rental analysis (though some may want both). A rental analysis is simply an assessment of what their home might rent for if they choose to rent it out. Both types of leads are good, but must be handled differently. People who want a quote are closer to making a buying decision potentially, but people looking for a rental analysis are not as far into the sales process so you have the ability to build trust earlier on, making yourself the clear choice for them. 

The First 90 Days

We intentionally start lead volume low ("low" is a relative term depending on the size of the market you are in). Why? Slow and steady wins the race. Over the first 90 days you can get to know us (and we you) without you having to spend a lot of money on leads. We'll do our best to get you enough leads in the first 90 days so you can have a good feel for how our process works. If after 90 days we are both happy with how things are going, we can discuss how many leads you want to add per month. Our goal will be to generate all the leads you feel you need to reach your company growth goals. (How many leads could we theoretically generate? We are probably capable of generating more leads than you likely want to buy if we were given 12 months to build out campaigns).

Pausing / Decreasing / Increasing Leads

You can pause Geek leads (up to 30 days per year); if you pause longer than 30 days in a year, we don't guarantee your spot will still be open when you return (It may be, but its not guaranteed). You can pause anytime directly from your personal Geek dashboard.

You have the ability to request more leads or less leads at any time, directly from your personal Geek dashboard.

Geek Dashboard

The Geek Dashboard is the best place for us to communicate back and forth about leads that we generate for you, as well as keep track of which leads are billed each week. In the Geek Dashboard, you can do the following:

  • Access a list of all the leads we've generated for you, as well as all their contact details.
  • See a list of invoices detailing which leads you were billed for each week.
  • Invalidate or get credit for leads that you don't think you should be billed for.
  • Keep track of the status of your invalidations for leads and when they have been credited back to you.
  • Add or subtract zip codes to increase or reduce your service area.
  • Pause or cancel your leads
  • Increase or decrease your leads
  • Change who receives notifications for leads and bills.

You will have one account shared among your team. Please make sure that information is sent along to everyone involved and if a password is updated, everyone gets notified. If you have more than one area, you will still have one dashboard, but will be able to toggle between them via a drop down option in the dashboard.

Invalidating Leads

We allow you "invalidate" leads that you believe are not good. You can invalidate leads in the Dashboard (more details about HOW to do this here). When you invalidate a lead, we'll review it and either approve or disapprove your request. Please note that we only accept invalidations through the Geek Dashboard. If you try to invalidate leads through email we will likely miss your request, which could result in you getting billed for an otherwise invalid lead.

Valid and Invalid Lead Types

We want a long term relationship with you. Therefore, our goal is to create a system fair to you and to us. Everyone needs to make money. After 120,000+ leads we have generated in the U.S., we have seen most types of leads. To learn more about lead invalidation, you can read more here.


We bill each Saturday for the previous Saturday-Friday. We have your card on file so you don’t need to do anything; your card will automatically billed. We are in effect paying money during the week to generate leads, taking that from your deposit as valid leads are generated, and then replacing the money taken from your deposit each Saturday.

You'll be able to go into the dashboard and view your invoices, which will detail the leads you were billed for. For details on finding your invoices in the dashboard, go here

Leaving Geek

You can leave anytime. Just tell us to refund your deposit (assuming you have no outstanding unbilled leads or lead credits eligible for backbilling; in those cases we'd deduct outstanding leads and refund you the balance).

Any credits owed but uncredited are lost once you leave Geek, neither are cash refunds given for credits owed (credits have no value once you are no longer a Geek customer).

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