Do you consider yourself a fair minded person?

If you do, keep reading. I’d love your opinion on something.

Would you tell me if you think the following property management lead generation realities sound fair to you? The following are 100% true stories (some may have even happened to you?)
  • You buy a property management lead, but that same lead is sold to 2,4 even 8 other companies. The lead generation company gets paid 2-8 times. You on the other hand, get to compete with 2-8 other companies, all calling the same prospect (and likely annoying the prospect as you did). Only one property management company will win. The marketing company gets paid no matter if you win or not.
  • You hire a marketing company to generate property management leads for you; they assure you that they are online marketing experts. They want your credit card to buy Google Ads with. They spend $1000 a month (or more!)on your card. However you get no guarantee of any leads. The marketing company gets paid no matter what results you get.
  • You hire an SEO company to get you ranked in Google so you can get more property management leads. They tell you it will take some time. You pay them $1,000 a month for 6 months. You get a few leads, but not enough to pay for the monthly SEO costs. When you ask about that, they tell you that it will take a long term strategy to succeed. They will not give you any firm guarantee of any leads or even a clear timeline. If you stop their services, they tell you your sites rankings may drop. The SEO company gets paid no matter what results you get.
  • A marketing company wants you to sign a year long contract to do your property management marketing. Blog marketing and some other things you’re not sure will work or not. You have to pay this marketing company whether you get enough leads to justify the cost or not. The marketing company gets paid no matter what results you get.
Do you notice a common theme?

You get no guarantees. The marketing company however IS guaranteed to get paid.

Does that seem like a fair system to you?

Let me show you an alternative.

The Geek Lead System:
The fairest property management lead generation system in the U.S.

Details on the Geek Lead System in a second. First, a confession.

You’ll note that I didn’t say the Geek Lead System was the ‘Most Perfect Property Management Lead Generation System in the United States’. It’s not perfect. Not much in life is however.

We’re not the right fit for many companies. And yes, we’re learning and improving the system every day, so we haven’t ‘arrived’. And we’ve made our mistakes. Plenty of them.
The Geek Lead System is not a perfect system. However it is the fairest lead system.
Before we’re done here, I hope you’ll agree with me.

Why the Geek Lead System is not perfect

Our lead system is not perfect because we’re not perfect people (just ask our wives). We of course do our best, but just like you do your best, sometimes ‘life happens’. You know what I mean? We have screwed up. We always do our best to make things right, but still, not perfect right?

The Geek Lead System for property management leads is also not perfect because we’re always learning. Google changes its algorithm over 3,000 times a year; that’s about 10 times a day! So even if we are the smartest guys in the world (we try, but let’s be honest, we’re not), when Google moves the goal posts 10 times a day, it’s tough to live up to a perfection standard.

What we mean by ‘fairness’

Geek will never be perfect. But fairness? That we can take a shot at 24/7/365. Fairness is a character trait, a mindset.

Fairness to us means:
  • When you win, we win. When you lose, we lose.
  • You have skin in the game, we have skin in the game.
  • You don’t shoulder all the responsibility; we also carry our fair share of the load and risk.
  • We try to treat you the way we’d want to be treated.
  • The Golden Rule... it's an idea that’s not out of fashion to us.
Being fair sets us up for long term relationships, which we prefer.

People do enter into unfair relationships all the time of course; most times it happens because one side was desperate for results, or were told things that turned out to be untrue.

But no rational business person stays in an unfair relationship long term. Sooner or later the bank account tells the true tale and the relationship ends.

In other words, results talk and BS walks.

Is the Geek Lead System a good fit for you?

We don’t pretend to scratch everyone’s itch. No one can. We’ve generated over 130,000 property management leads and after awhile you figure some things out, including a good idea of which companies are a good fit and which aren’t.

Here’s who we think may NOT be a good fit for the Geek Lead System:
  • If you want something besides residential property management leads in the United States, we’re not for you. We don’t do multi-family, commercial or HOA leads. Residential owner property management leads is all we do.
  • If you are a brand new or fairly small company working with a very limited budget.
    We have clients that buy as few as 5 leads a month from us, so you don’t have to be a huge company to work with us. And we’re not expensive.

    However our leads are online leads and they can be unpredictable in terms of how long they can take to close. So if you need a lead you buy today to close next week so you can pay the bills in 3 weeks, we’d suggest you wait until things are a bit more established before investing in the Geek Lead System. Without being hard and fast, I’d say you should be OK spending $500 to $1,000 per month or more on new leads without your heart stopping before you should look at Geek Leads.
  • You want to control your own Google Adwords account. We get Geek leads from many sources (more on that in a bit) but Google Adwords is an important source. Our system doesn’t use your Google Account and we don’t spend your money on Google; we spend our own. Google’s rules (not ours) are that we can’t generate leads for you via Adwords at the same time you are doing so; no double dipping is the Google policy. Violations can get both your account and ours banned, not good. 
  • You don’t want to grow your property management company. You can probably live on referrals and the occasional website lead if your goal is to keep things as they are. Nothing wrong with that. If that’s your goal, I’d suggest you keep doing what you do. Working with us is overkill. We’re a better fit for companies that want to add doors on a consistent basis.
  • If you want client service work done. While we know how to do ‘all the stuff’ (SEO, build websites, backlinks, reputation management, paid search, etc.) we don’t offer that anymore as a paid service. We strictly work on a pay for lead basis; we deliver a valid lead, we get paid. We don’t build websites, do consulting, run SEO campaigns for monthly retainer, etc.
  • If you expect ‘magic’ of any kind. We don’t sell magic, just property management leads. I’m not being a smart ass here. We’ve had many clients over the 7 years we’ve been in business, and some, in retrospect, expected us to work ‘magic’. 
What does magic look like in our view?

Magic is buying our leads and expecting them close themselves, no matter what the skill level of the sales person.

Magic is buying our leads and expecting them to close without a robust follow up process.

Magic is thinking our leads will somehow close faster than normal property management leads.

Magic is thinking that if the leads aren’t closing, it’s always a problem with the leads.

Magic is thinking that our leads will fix systemic problems inside your business (actually they will probably bring them more to the surface!)

You said earlier that you were a fair minded person, so you are probably not a magical thinker.

At its root, magical thinking puts all the responsibility on Geek to ‘work the magic’ and the property management company just does what they’ve always done, whether its functional or dysfunctional.

We are NOT magicians. If we pass our leads on to a salesperson who doesn’t know how to sell, then the leads are not going to close. If a salesperson doesn’t follow up on the leads quickly, the leads are not going to close consistently.

Does this mean you need to have a killer/perfect/amazing sales process to make Geek leads work? No. Normal humans are welcome at Geek! We’ll share best practices if you want to improve. We assume you are a normal company, which means you are good, but wanting to get better. Same as us. We’ll do what we can to help you reach your goals. And as long as you have realistic expectations about what we can do, things can turn out pretty well. Just say no to magic!

Who is a good fit for the Geek Lead System then?
  • You want to add doors.
    We do our best work with companies that want to GROW.
  • You are fair minded.
    We’ll keep talking about this as we go since its a key to long term success. You expect to have to carry part of the load, we carry our share as well. Both sides have skin in the game. It’s not all on one party. Fair enough?
  • You view yourself as a sales organization.
    Our leads are leads, not signed management contracts. Good leads, but you must ‘add water’ to make them work, the water of a solid sales process.
  • You want to get better as a company.
    We like working with companies that push us to get better. It brings out our best. We strive to be the best. We’ll keep improving, trying new things. We do our best work with companies that feel the same.

What kind of results can I expect with the Geek Leads System?

First, let me be clear. We sell leads that come from people searching online for property management services. These are NOT referrals from friends and family. As a result, you have to adjust your expectations on close rates accordingly.

If it was easy to get a steady stream of referral leads in enough volume to meet your goals for growth, I doubt you’d be reading this right now. You’d just do referral business and go sip drinks with umbrellas in them on sandy beaches.

I’ve been in the real estate business now for over 35 years. I know how nice a good referral lead is. The only trouble with referrals? You can’t scale them up reliably. You might get one this month, 3 next month...but nothing predictable. They are a nice part of the overall lead mix of course, but if you want to grow, you’ll have to move into the world of people outside the circle of your referral network. And that’s where the Geek Lead System really shines.

After generating 130,000+ property management leads and tracking close rates with various sized companies in a variety of states across the U.S., I would say the following is generally true about the results you can get with Geek Leads:
  • If your sales process is fantastic and/or you have some key market advantage (distinctly lower price, secret sauce no one else has, best company in a small town) then you can close our leads in the 20-25% range.
  • If your sales process is solid and you have some advantages over the competition, you will close our leads at a 13-19% rate (1 closing out of 5 or 6 leads).
  • If something is broken in the sales process, the leads may close at under 10%. It may seem like we are putting all the blame on the property management company when we say that under 10% it's the sales process likely to blame… couldn’t it be bad leads too?
I’ll address this more in depth later, but for now I’ll say that after generating tens of thousands of leads and measuring close rates, we’re fairly confident about the quality of Geek leads. But finding out that that a sales process is broken is not a bad thing! Broken things can and should get fixed, right? Wouldn't you want to know asap if your sales process was broken in some way? I know I'd prefer to shine the light of day on it, get it fixed and move on to better things, yes?

Earlier I made a bold claim: "The Geek Lead System is the fairest property management lead generation system in the United States." How about I put some meat on those bones here and explain why I know this is a 100% true statement?

What makes the Geek Lead System the fairest property management lead generation system in the United States?

  • It’s fair because you pay only for performance.
    If we don’t perform, we don’t get paid. You pay for valid leads ONLY. Sound fair to you?
  • It’s fair because we spend our money, not yours.
    We run paid search campaigns promoting your brand. We build websites promoting your brand. We don’t ask you to pay a penny for these. We’re supposed to be the experts, right? So if we are, then we can do all this work and generate a valid lead for you without spending your money like you are the guinea pig for us learning how to market on your dime. Is that fair?
  • It’s fair because every lead is sold only to you... ONCE.
    Many lead generation companies need to sell a lead multiple times to make their business work. Not Geek. When you get a lead from us, you are the ONLY company getting that lead from us. Sound good?
  • It’s fair because there are no contracts. 
    You can leave anytime if you’re not happy. Reasonable enough?
  • It’s fair because we only ask you to pay for valid owner leads.
    We have a rigorous filtering system, but people are tricky buggers and some renters or vendors may sneak through. No problem. Every lead has a link you can use to easily invalidate that lead if it is not an owner, or outside your area, or for a service you don’t provide. We only want you paying for valid owner leads. Sound right?
  • It’s fair because we credit ghost leads.
    Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you you are never able to make contact with a lead, even after 6 or 8 tries! We call these ghost leads. We have an entire system for dealing with them that includes giving you credits for ghost leads in all cases where you make a basic fair effort at follow up. Think that's fair?
  • It’s fair because we’ll work with your budget.
    You can set a monthly budget and our system will automatically turn your campaigns on and off to stay near that number (its really not possible to hit the numbers exactly because of how Google works, but we'll be close to your budget amount)
  • It’s fair because you can control your lead volume.
    You can reduce the number of leads you get from us. You can increase the number of leads you buy from us. You can pause your leads. Does that work ok?
  • It’s fair because we promote your company, not ours.
    Our marketing puts your company and brand out in front. Geek is invisible to the prospect. Sound like what you want?
  • It’s fair because it’s not expensive to ‘take us for a spin’.
    I’ll explain how things work with the Geek Lead System in (exhaustive) detail here, but at the end of the day, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’, yes? We don’t ask you to invest thousands and thousands of dollars to see if this works for you or not….you can try things out with Geek without betting the farm. Sound reasonable?
  • It’s fair because we offer semi-exclusive territories.
    Another way of putting this is that we offer ‘common sense’ territories. We typically won’t have more than 1 or 2 companies in an area so everyone gets the leads they need to grow. If the service areas happen to overlap in some spots, we won’t pit you head to head in a marketing channel (IE you won’t see your Google ad right next to another company we are working with, ever). Fair enough?
  • It’s fair because you will know your numbers, exactly.
    You will have a dashboard where you can see all your leads. Every lead will be documented 100% of the time. Every call recorded. We’ll measure your close rates. You will never be in a fog about the return on investment for Geek Leads. Sound good?
  • It’s fair because our leads are priced at a fair and fixed price.
    No bidding in auctions against other companies for lead prices that can spike. Our leads are one set price. Seem fair enough?
  • It’s fair because we start slow, see how it goes.
    We intentionally start things slow in the first 90 days, to make sure things are going as expected and everyone is happy before anyone spends a lot of money. Reasonable?
  • It’s fair because we share what we’ve learned.
    We’ve spent over $7 million dollars testing offers in the property management industry. We’ll use what we've learned to give you our best. Ok with you?
  • It’s fair because you don’t need to ‘have it all together’ to work with Geek.
    Every person, every company, grows over time. We’re not finished getting better at Geek, my guess is you may be the same? Our system is set up to help you get better. You’ll get solid data on performance and for some companies this will be the first time with data like this. Maybe you’ll find out you are crushing it... which would be great! On the other hand, a company might realize they're not where they want to be. No problem. They’ll have to do the work of course (it’s their business, not ours after magic right?) but if they come to us wanting to get better we will help with the best practices we’ve learned so they can move to that next level. Even if their process is broken in some places, that’s ok... we’ll work together with them... Fair enough?
You may have some questions at this point; I'll address the most common ones next.

Questions & Answers

We suggest the first time you scroll down through all the answers to make sure you don't miss any key points. If you want to find a particular answer after you do that once, this table of contents will save you time.

Summarize what Geek offers me in a few sentences?

Geek sells one product: property management leads. We generate residential property management leads only (mostly single family homes) in the United States.

Geek sells quality property management leads on a pay only for performance basis, meaning that if we don't get you a valid owner lead, you don't pay us.

Geek sells Exclusive Leads, meaning if you are our client, you are the only company receiving that lead (in contrast to All Property Management which resells the same lead multiple times).

What does it cost to work with Geek?

We create custom campaigns for each client. Custom landing pages using your logo, colors etc. Which means we can’t re-use those campaigns with anyone else.

The cost of that customization is $497. It’s a one time, non refundable cost paid upfront.
We also require a $750 deposit. This covers leads that you receive but haven’t paid for due to how our billing works (more on that in a second). This is your money, and is refundable if you decide to part ways with us.

The only other cost is for the leads. Price per lead range from $110 to $175, with the typical being $110. Your exact price per lead will be finalized on our call if you choose to take that next step.

How do you compare to other property management lead generation options?

How do we compare with options like All Property Management, or or doing it yourself? For an in depth answer, read more here.

What's the one key way you are different than my other lead generation options?

Skin the game. For more on how ‘skin in the game’ makes us different, watch the video below.

What kind of lead volume can I expect? Can I adjust the lead flow up or down?

The most reliable tool we at Geek have to impact your volume of leads quickly & easily is to increase what you are bidding in the advertising auctions. Whatever increase you choose will go directly to your advertising costs (IE. we make more money here simply by selling you more leads, not from an increase in what we're making per lead from you).

Geek offers a choice of four lead price tiers in each market: $110, $130, $150 & $175 per lead. Due to the impact of venture capital and artificial intelligence, only 20% of the leads in many markets can be found at $110. About 50% of the leads can be found at $130, and the majority of available leads can be found for $150 and higher. Put in simpler terms, the higher the price we can pay to the ad network, the more leads we can generate.

You can choose which of the tiers is right for you. For example, here is how it might play out in a sample market:

$110 price per lead > 5-10 leads per month
$130 price per lead > 8-15 leads per month
$150 price per lead > 18-23 leads per month

Note that the above numbers are generally true, but can vary for a number of reasons, including specific competition in your area, size of your service area and luck of the draw with how the artificial intelligence on the ad networks reacts to the bid change.

Moving to a higher price tier doesn't lock you into anything. You may decide to test higher priced leads now and discover that you can’t make the economics of higher priced leads work in your business model. Or we may find out after running a test that higher prices don’t yield that many more leads in your market. You may also find that you just have all the leads you need to achieve your company goals at a lower price lead tier. You can adjust your lead price back down at any time in the Geek Dashboard.

Who are the "Geeks"?

Geek is co-owned by a father and son team, Mike and Dylan O’Neil. Mike was a real estate broker for 30+ years in a former life, as well as a property manager. Dylan handles all things tech. Together Mike and Dylan have authored two books on property management: one on property management marketing called ‘Make It Ring’ which you can find on Amazon here, and a second called 'We Secret Shopped You' on lead property management follow up published in June 2021.

Do you offer me any help increasing close rates?

We share best practices with you
We’ve generated 130,000+ property management leads, and I’ve personally taken over 3,000 prospect calls myself. We wrote a book called ‘Make It Ring’ on property management marketing .

In December 2021 we published our second book, 'We Secret Shopped You' which is a deep dive into property management lead follow up behaviors learned from secret shopping over 3,000 U.S. property management companies. This kind of content can help you improve close rates.

We share data with you
You’ll have your dashboard that will tell you exactly how many leads you’ve purchased and your close rates. Knowing your numbers is crucial to improving close rates.

We stay in touch
We’re not going anywhere. we’ll personally check in with you over time to see how things are going, troubleshoot any issues, brainstorm solutions.

What is the Geek Exclusive Lead Sysem?

What you get:
  • Every lead is only sold once.
  • Price per lead $110-$175 (you pick your own price).
  • Only pay for results on a pay per lead basis.
  • Turn leads off up to 30 days per year.
  • Adjust lead volume up or down per your goals.
  • No contracts; leave anytime if you are unhappy.

How do you deal with it if a lead doesn’t respond at all? (AKA "ghost" leads)

Ghost leads. They’re enough to drive a sane property manager nuts.

A property management prospect goes to all the trouble to search for ‘property management yourcity’, find an ad, click on that ad, read the landing page, put their personal information into it, request a quote from you. In other words, this was no accident. They were interested at least in SOME way. AND YET...these people become ‘ghosts’ at a maddening rate. Disappear. Ignore your phone calls, texts, unsubscribe from your follow up emails.

Like everything we do, we start by asking “what is fair?”. On the one hand, why should someone pay for a lead that they never make contact with? Doesn’t seem fair.

On the other hand, what if the reason the BDM is not making contact are due to flaws in their follow up system? For example, we have had property managers who don’t bother to make a phone call at ALL and then want to get a credit for that lead due to ‘non response’. If you had provided that lead, would that seem fair to you to credit a lead in a case like that? Likely not.

We have wrestled with this. We have many things in place to eliminate lead ‘ghosting’.

We will always approve your non response invalidation if your request meets the following 3 criteria:

More than 14 days since the lead was received.
Non-response invalidations are not approved if lead is less than 14 days old to allow prospect time to respond

Less than 30 days since lead was received. 
After 30 days, invalidations are disabled.

Six attempts have been made.
6 total follow ups have been made to prospect, of which 3 are either phone calls or texts

Applying Non Response Credits To Your Bill

Non response credits are applied to your bill when your lifetime lead volume is such that your request is 5% or less of your lifetime market lead volume. 

Example: 60 lifetime Geek leads and you make 5 requests for a 'non response' invalidation. All 5 requests would be approved if follow up criteria had been met. However since 5% of 60 leads is 3 leads, only 3 of the non response credits would be applied to your bill. Your next remaining non response credit would be applied after 20 more valid leads came in for that market (since 5% of 20 leads = 1 lead). This process would repeat as needed.

Why Are Credits Dripped Out Like This?

5% is the average invalidation rate for non response leads across the country for our leads. We think using that as a benchmark for applying credits is fair. We'll explain why next.

If we approve and apply credits immediately, we have found that this rewards companies that have poor follow up processes at our expense (IE, we send 10 leads, they don't follow up well, the client asks for 5 non response invalidations (that is a 50% non response invalidation rate which is 10X the average and yes, that has happened to us). So if we do not drip credits out, this company with poor follow up has no incentive at all to improve their side of follow up since we are paying for the leads; we however bear all the costs. Doesn't seem right.

On the other hand, some markets can be harder to contact than others, some folks truly are doing all they can, so we don't feel good about restricting invalidations for non response either; arbitrary limits don't seem fair either in other words.

By limiting credits to 5% of lead volume, companies are incentivized to improve follow up on leads since having a lot of lead credits is not ideal for them. On the other hand, they also have the assurance that we won't argue with them about non response invalidations, how hard you followed up, etc. We prefer the honor system, where you do your best, tell us the truth, we believe you. And if someone is a long term client who has lead credits for non response leads that have not been applied, they have the peace of mind knowing that those credits will be applied when that 5% threshold is reached (this application of credits will happen automatically).

Important note: credits for any leads have no cash value; if you cancel your services, any accumulated credits will be canceled at the same time.

How does billing work?

We bill each Saturday for leads generated the previous Saturday-Friday. We have your card on file so you don’t need to do anything; your card will just be billed. We are in effect paying money during the week to generate leads, taking that from your deposit as valid leads are generated, and then replacing the money taken from your deposit each Saturday.

Example: your cost per Geek lead is $110 You get a lead on Monday. We take the $110 from your $750 deposit on Tuesday, so you now have $750 - $110 = $640 in your deposit account. On Saturday we’ll ping your credit card for $110, bringing your deposit balance back up to $750.

I'd like to speak to some references; can you provide some?

We used to provide references, but after doing this for some years we've realized a few things. First, doing reference calls annoys our current customers. They have businesses they are trying to run without us asking them to help run ours! We hate annoying our customers and we assume that if you do become a Geek client you don't want us annoying you either:)

Second, we've discovered references really don't help that much. Hardly anyone asks for them first of all. Why? We have testimonials (see below) We don't ask you to sign a contract: you can leave anytime. The investment to check us out is not that much money for the type of service we sell.

And I think you can agree that we go into detail here about the service we provide...its pages and pages...right? In other words, if you are still nervous about working with us after all this it's not a reference you likely need.

Honestly if you feel you need a reference its probably your gut telling you Geek isn't a good fit for you and you should probably pass. Which is fine with us...we only want customers who feel great about working with us. We're not for everyone... no hard feelings!

Why have I never heard of you or seen you at a NARPM Convention?

We are a marketing company...that doesn’t market. Weird, we know. We did write two books, which did get our name out there some (you can see both books on Amazon, search for "Make It Ring" or "We Secret Shopped You").

Truth is, we have not wanted to grow faster than our ability to service our clients. So we have laid low and not marketed much since even without that, our waitlist for new clients is still gets pretty long. Maybe someday we’ll market more heavily, but right now, things are working well this way with word of mouth, etc.

We love NARPM and we are NARPM affiliates (we have written a couple of articles posted on the NARPM site), but we’ve just been too busy to do a booth at a convention so far. Maybe in the future.

Does your system integrate with my CRM? I use LeadSimple.

Geek leads integrate beautifully with LeadSimple. Instructions on how to set up the integration will be given during onboarding.  We have never run across a CRM we couldn't work with.

My company has done some work with RentScale; are the Geek campaigns compatible with their work?

We love RentScale. Customers who have gone through their program are better setup to succeed when using Geek leads. Our campaigns will work with companies that have been through RentScale programs.

What does a typical week with Geek look like?

Geek leads come to your inbox or CRM.  You do you follow up playbook, whatever that is.  If you find the lead to be invalid, you can easily click on the link in the lead and invalidate it in your Geek dashboard.  On Saturday you will be billed for whatever valid leads you received during the past 7 days.  That's it, rinse and repeat the next week.

How fast can we get moving? How many leads will I get right away?

Onboarding can take 2-3 weeks depending on how long the line is in front of you. Once you decide to move forward, we'll send you a Step 1 email which is a payment email. Once payment is made,  you'll get a Step 2 email.

Step 2 will take you to a form where you can tell us some important things we need in order to build your custom campaigns (IE Where should we send leads? Which of our offers and guarantees are you open to using? etc.)

Once we have all your Step 2 information, we'll go to work building your custom campaigns. Normally you'll be live within 2-3 weeks approximately from when you complete Step 1. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but that's a reasonable ballpark.

How many leads? For the first 90 days, we intentionally move slowly. We want you to get to know how things work with us without having to pay a lot of money for leads. Over 90 days we want to see some management contracts signed. You'll get comfortable and have a decent idea if we are a good fit. While we do as thorough a job as we can to explain how our system works, there is nothing like 'real life' to give you an idea for yourself. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, yes?

How many leads you get initially will also vary depending on your market size. We'll work hard to dial the campaigns in so you are getting quality leads in the areas you service. There is some learning and trial and error involved; yes, even after generating over 130,000 property management leads we still have to learn!

I'll check in with you during that first 90 days to talk about how things are going. We'll make any needed adjustments so everyone feels good about things. If after 90 days all looks well, we'll discuss how many more leads you might want and we'll go to work getting you those leads!

One final time, how much does it cost again?

We create custom campaigns for each client. Custom landing pages using your logo, colors etc. Which means we can’t re-use those campaigns with anyone else.

The cost of that customization is $497. It’s a one time, non refundable cost paid upfront.
We also require a $750 deposit. This covers leads that you receive but haven’t paid for due to how our billing works (more on that in a second). This is your money, and is refundable if you decide to part ways with us.

The only other cost is for the leads. Price per lead range from $110 to $175, with the typical being $110. Your exact price per lead will be finalized on our call if you choose to take that next step.

I'm on the fence. Any thoughts?

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is one of the wealthiest men in the world, residing here in Seattle along with the Geeks and Bill Gates (all the titans are in Seattle I guess :))

Bezos compares decisions to doors. Reversible decisions are doors that open both ways. Irreversible decisions are doors that allow passage in only one direction; if you walk through, you are stuck there. Most decisions are the former and can be reversed (even though we can never recover the invested time and resources). Going through a reversible door gives us information: we know what’s on the other side.

In his shareholder letter, Bezos writes:

"Some decisions are consequential and irreversible or nearly irreversible – one-way doors – and these decisions must be made methodically, carefully, slowly, with great deliberation and consultation. If you walk through and don’t like what you see on the other side, you can’t get back to where you were before. We can call these Type 1 decisions. But most decisions aren’t like that – they are changeable, reversible – they’re two-way doors. If you’ve made a suboptimal Type 2 decision, you don’t have to live with the consequences for that long. You can reopen the door and go back through. Type 2 decisions can and should be made quickly by high judgment individuals or small groups.

As organizations get larger, there seems to be a tendency to use the heavy-weight Type 1 decision-making process on most decisions, including many Type 2 decisions. The end result of this is slowness, unthoughtful risk aversion, failure to experiment sufficiently, and consequently diminished invention. We’ll have to figure out how to fight that tendency."

Bezos gives the example of the launch of one-hour delivery to those willing to pay extra. This service launched less than four months after the idea was first developed. In 111 days, the team “built a customer-facing app, secured a location for an urban warehouse, determined which 25,000 items to sell, got those items stocked, recruited and onboarded new staff, tested, iterated, designed new software for internal use – both a warehouse management system and a driver-facing app – and launched in time for the holidays.”

As further guidance, Bezos considers 70% certainty to be the cut-off point where it is appropriate to make a decision. That means acting once we have 70% of the required information, instead of waiting longer. Making a decision at 70% certainty and then course-correcting is a lot more effective than waiting for 90% certainty.

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