Learn to Generate Your Own Leads

Our book, Make It Ring, reveals the principles we use at Geek to generate property management leads. Get 13 chapters from the book for free and learn how to grow your business.

In these chapters, you’ll learn:

  • Which traffic sources are a waste of time, which are essential, and the key differences you must understand to make them work for your business.
  • How to turn the traffic you get from different sources into actual leads. Skip this step and you’ll quickly spend yourself out of the game.
  • How to improve your marketing efforts over time the right way, allowing you to increase your returns or just stay in the game against constant competition.
"I love 'Make It Ring'. My copy has yellow highlights everywhere. I've had my staff read it. I've lost track of how many other property management owners I've told to read it. One idea I got from the book will make my company more than $150,000. I think every property management company owner should read this book (unless you're in a market Liberty is in, then you can skip it!)"
Kevin Knight
President, Liberty Management
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