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Get Your Prospects To Trust You More

Videos That Build Trust

If you would like more information about our recommended vendor for creating videos to build trust, email us at mike@geekrealestatemarketing.com with ‘video vendor’ in the subject line.

Motivational Interviewing Resources

Short video on MI in sales:

Other MI videos: 
You can do a search on Youtube for ‘motivational interviewing’ but you will find that there are few if any that relate MI to sales. There is a reason for this. MI has mostly been used in the world of counseling and it is frowned upon in the profession to ‘commercialize’ its use. While we always think it should be used for the good of the client, we think their concerns are a bit overblown.

Recommended MI material: 
PHD and university professor Reagan North is one of the top experts on Motivational Interviewing in the U.S.

Motivational Interviewing for School Counselors.
We recommend Dr. North’s book to get an overview of what MI is. His book is for school counselors but nevertheless is the most understandable book on the topic you will find.

Dr. North has coached property management BDMs in the past. He has a busy teaching schedule, but if you are interested in seeing if he will coach your BDMs or property managers on MI as it might apply to property management sales, email us at mike@geekrealestatemarketing.com with ‘Dr. North | Motivational Interviewing’ in the subject line.

Humanize Your Automation

Video vendors for personalizing sales videos. Which do we recommend? Whichever one you will actually USE regularly :)
Small Dry Erase White Board (Amazon, $22). Used to grab prospects' attention by writing their name on the whiteboard in a personalized video to them.

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