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Our book, We Secret Shopped You, is full of actionable ideas on how to increase your close rates. Get the first 3 chapters for free and get started closing more deals today.

In these chapters, you’ll learn:

  • How most property management companies are handling their follow-up with prospects is exactly the opposite of how they want to be followed up with (and how to fix this).
  • Why the speed of your follow-up is way worse than you think it is and how it is allowing your competitors to steal business from you.
  • Common places where the inbound systems of property management companies are flat out broken, preventing prospects from even being able to contact you. If one of these is hurting you, no amount of good salesmanship can save you.
"Incredible research, sound conclusions, this book is required reading for anyone serious about growing their business."
Jordan Muela
CEO and Founder, LeadSimple
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